The National Council of the United States Society of St. Vincent de Paul is pleased to be working with Allsup on an initiative to help Vincentians’ efforts make a lasting difference through systemic change. Allsup, a disability representation company, has a 97 percent success rate in securing Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) for eligible people who complete the application process with them. Their organization also helps SSDI beneficiaries to secure employment.

“This initiative with Allsup is one step in our efforts to achieve systemic change for the people we serve,” said Dave Barringer, CEO. SSDI provides people with disabilities monthly income, access to Medicare and return-to-work supports.

Project Empower provided an online training to help Vincentians learn more about how they can help friends in need who are disabled to receive SSDI and return to work, if that is their goal.

  • If you have not attended the online training, you can click here to review the presentation.

Data Collection is Vital to this Project

Data collection is an important component of this pilot, and we are working with Saint Louis University researchers to ensure we allocate our financial and human resources wisely. We need data from each home visit, whether or not the person needs or qualifies for SSDI or return to work assistance. This data is vital to helping SVdP and Allsup determine needs, impacts and outcomes. It is also a way to quantify the work that Vincentians are doing in their communities and nationwide. The following methods are available for collecting and reporting data.

  • Fax  Project Empower data collection forms to (618) 236-5778. Click here to print the Project Empower data collection form; OR
  • Enter the Project Empower data online at If you have access to a portable device, you may be able to enter the data during the home visit. If not, you can fill out the printed form, and re-enter data online later.

More Information
Click on the links below to find out more about Project Empower

Allsup Announcement
SVdP Training event summary 

For more information about Project Empower, contact Karen Lanter, national manager for corporate and donor relationships), at  or at 314.415.1445.




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