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Goal 1: Enable spiritual growth and leadership development throughout the Society.

1.1 Vincentian Spiritual Formation: Implement a Vincentian spiritual formation plan for members and volunteers in councils, conferences and special works.
1.2 Spiritual Advisors: Cultivate active and formed lay, ordained and/or religious spiritual advisor for every conference, council and region.
1.3 Formators: Provide information for regional and council formators.
1.4 Vincentian Pathway: Design and implement the Vincentian Pathway for all levels and positions/roles/ministries of the Society.
1.5 Home Visitors: Develop a standardized formation process for home visitors, incorporating systemic change attitudes and actions.
1.6 Ozanam Orientation: Provide the new, revised Ozanam Orientation materials for councils, and implement formators training.
1.7 Leadership Development: Identify, attract, develop and support all leaders of the Society.

Goal 2: Develop communication resources to serve persons living in poverty, members, donors, and collaborators.

2.1 Credible Voice: Establish the Society as a credible voice for those living in poverty in the United States, using both traditional and social media.
2.2 Consistent Message: Develop easily accessible key information and supportive materials to convey a consistent message regarding the Society’s mission and values.
2.3 Poverty as a high-priority social issue: Raise the importance of poverty as a societal issue to the media and the public.
2.4 Communication Practices and Standards: Adopt professional communication practices, protocols, branding and graphic standards throughout councils, conferences, stores and special works.
2.5 Communication Processes and Technology: Improve internal communication processes and technology to foster a rapid, reliable transfer to and from councils, conferences and members.

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