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Goal 3: Achieve unity at every level of the Society.

3.1 Extension: Revitalize and grow the Society in every diocese in the United States.
3.2 Twinning: Expand traditional and project-focused twinning domestically and internationally.
3.3 Governance: Develop and provide tools and guidance on governance accountability and operational matters for councils and conferences.
3.4 Credibility: Proactively identify and resolve situations which may harm the Society’s mission or vision.
3.5 Relationships: Enhance awareness and acceptance of Vincentian staff and Vincentian member relationships.
3.6 Youth and Young Adults: Advance membership of youth and young adults in the Society through extension, awareness and acceptance.
3.7 Disaster Relief: Create disaster response plans that are effective and efficient across a broad spectrum of disaster situations.
3.8 Special Works: Provide a system of guidance and support for stores and special works.


Goal 4: Embrace systemic change to deepen solidarity for and with those living in poverty.

4.1 Education: Educate all members of the Society about the nature and importance of systemic change.
4.2 Systemic Change: Create and implement a systemic change focus for national, regional and local Vincentian activities.
4.3 Advocacy: Strengthen and broaden Voice of the Poor and other advocacy initiatives of the Society.
4.4 Participation: Engage those we serve living in poverty in our systemic change decision making process.
4.5 Diversity: Increase awareness of multicultural/diversity issues and build cross-cultural competencies.
4.6 Member/Leadership Diversity: Achieve greater diversity in leadership and membership.

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