Clothing, Blankets, Etc.

Council of Santa Clara County Spearheads Sleeping Bag Drive
In their fourth year of the drive, Michael Fallon, Director of Services, states that their goal this year is 1000+ sleeping bags for homeless men, women and children who sleep on the street or in a temporary shelter.  

Mattress Fund
When Al Fluegeman goes to bed each night, he rests better, knowing he’s helped many others have a place to sleep. read more ...

The New Texas Two-Step
Parishioners are asked to donate their good-condition, gently used shoes to the Society of St. Vincent de Paul for distribution to those in need. read more ...

Free School Uniforms
Free school uniforms will be distributed to Livingston Parish, Louisiana parents and children in need on Thursday and Friday. read more ...

Suite Deal
Chase Suites Hotels recently donated 225 mattresses and box springs to the El Paso Council to promote the Society’s work with needy families in the Montana Vista and Canutillo areas. “These beds will be a blessing to many families in the Greater El Paso area,” said Council President Becky Montelongo. “Before we received this donation, we had a waiting list of more than 100 local families in need of mattresses and boxsprings. A lot of families are going to sleep very comfortably thanks to the generosity of Sam Hardage’s Chase Suites Hotel.” Hardage, founder and chairman of Chase Suites, traveled to El Paso to personally assist with the donation. He opened his first hotel here in 1981. "El Paso is special to us,” said Hardage, “as this is where we began. We are proud to partner with the Society of St. Vincent de Paul to help the organization fulfill its mission of  making this great city a better place for the less fortunate.”