A2-Meeting Skills

“Agenda Planning”
Author: Mary McKinney, OSB
Excerpted from “Sharing Wisdom,” this short article addresses the concept of having a prepared agenda for every meeting.
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Author: James Manktelow, Mind Tools
Brainstorming combines a relaxed, informal approach to problem solving. It encourages people to come up with thoughts and ideas that can, at first, seem a bit crazy but can lead to creative solutions. This article delves into the possibilities.
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“Roberts Rules of Order”
This document is a summary of Robert’s Rules of Order.  It addresses those portions of parliamentary rule which applies to most SVdP meetings of Councils and Conferences.
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“Robert’s Rules of Order - Revised”
Author: General Henry M. Robert
Robert’s Rules of Order is accepted by most organizations as the definitive authority for parliamentary procedure. Within the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, Robert’s Rules are the defined basis for procedures during Council and Conference meetings.
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“Facilitative Leadership: Running Effective Meetings”
Author: Jude Kaye
This document lays out the considerations and techniques essential to running an effective meeting.
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“Creating Effective Presentation Visuals”
Author: Not specified
Visuals convey a powerful message about your ideas and your brand, so it’s essential to get them right.  This article lays out some excellent techniques.
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Communications – From the Top Down”
Author: Mike Syslo
One of the problems within the Society is that information is not passed down to the member as it should be.  This is normally a result of lack of planning on the part of the Conference President.  This article describes the problem and offers some solutions.
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“Meetings are a Waste of Time”
Author: Adrian Abel, National President (SVP England and Wales)
There is little worse than meetings that go on too long leaving us feeling exhausted and drained.  The SVP is not immune to such meetings, yet our meetings should be a positive experience, as they are an integral part of our Vincentian vocation.
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