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G- Board Members

“Boardroom Verities”  
Author: Jerold Panas
A celebration of trusteeship with some guides to govern by.
Available through:; most book stores
Available also in Spanish

“Board Member Liability: What are the Risks?”
Author: Ernest Calderon
Attorney Ernest Calderon lays out the fiduciary responsibility of board members and well as the risks involved in being a board member.  This document was used as part of a presentation to the Board of Directors of the Phoenix Diocesan Council.
Available for download: click here

“Board Member Responsibilities”
What is the make-up of a Board? Who is responsible for what? How does the role of the board member differ from that of the Executive Director?
Available for download: click here

“The Dysfunctional Board”
Author: Thomas A. McLaughlin
What are the symptoms of a dysfunctional board? How do you pick qualified board members? How do you qualify existing board members?
Available for download: click here

“The Nonprofit Quarterly: Winter 2012”
Author: The Nonprofit Quarterly
This is the “Special Governance Issue” of the quarterly publication containing a significant number of articles that are of importance for members of Boards of Directors.
Available for download: click here

“Governance: Council and Board”
This book contains the principles that apply to governance related to Councils and Boards of Directors.  The Rule and Bylaws of the Society are referenced throughout. 
Available at: SVdP Store

“Resources for Nonprofit Financial Management”
Author: Wallace Foundation
Developed in partnership between The Wallace Foundation and Fiscal Management Associates, the site contains more than 64 resources for anyone involved in nonprofit financial planning, monitoring, operations or oversight. Features range from a nonprofit accounting guide, to an article on sensible growth strategies, to a podcast on how to understand the true costs of programming. The site also offers an array of helpful tools, including the “Go or No Go Decision Tool,” a questionnaire that helps an organization decide whether accepting a contract would help – or hurt – the group’s bottom line.
Available at: wallacefoundation

“Standards of Excellence: an Ethics and Accountability Code for Catholic Non-Profits
Author: National Leadership Roundtable on Church Management
The Leadership Roundtable is dedicated to helping individual Catholic dioceses, parishes and nonprofits to implement Standards of Excellence.  These standards are intended to describe how well managed and responsibly governed Catholic nonprofits operate.
Available at: NLRCM

"Board Related Books, Toolkits, and Workbooks"
Author: BoardSource
BoardSource provides excellent resources to help board members understand their roles and responsibilities, as well as tools.  This webpage will allow you to view the many possibilities and acquire the resources you may need.
Available at: BoardSource

“Standards of Accountability”
Author: Fricke & Associates, P.C.
Donors understandably demand accountability from the not-for-profit organizations they support. This article identifies the Better Business Bureau’s Standards of Accountability.
Available for download: click here

“Insuring Employees Who Have their Own Cars”
Author: Fricke & Associates, P.C.
In many companies, employees drive during the course of their jobs – to make deliveries, call on customers or pick up supplies.  In some case they use their personal cars rather than company cars.  This can have several advantages for the employer.
Available for download: click here

“Could Your Organization Fall Victim to Embezzlement”
Author: Fricke & Associates, P.C.
Embezzlement by employees (or volunteers) can take many forms.  This article briefly describes a few court cases and the things you need to do and symptoms to look for.
Available for download: click here

“Prevent Fraud by Envisioning How It Could Occur at Your Organization”
Author: Fricke and Associates, P.C.
Preventing internal fraud within a non-profit organization requires many of the same approaches that for-profit companies employ.  This article identifies eight practices to consider.
Available for download: click here

“Board Engagement is Key to Successful Succession Planning”
Author: Leslie Bonner
Succession planning is a leadership development strategy that identifies who can step into the administrator’s role when the current executive director steps down.  This article explores the role of the Board in this strategy.
Available for download: click here

“Make Sure Your Volunteers are Covered”
Author: Fricke & Associates, P.C.
With an increase in general litigation, non-profits need to follow the example of commercial enterprises and adopt a risk-management program, with a particular focus on employment practices liability.
Available for download: click here

 “Good Leadership Planning”
Author: Dave Barringer
Wise leaders understand that the organization is bigger than themselves and their egos. A true test of any leader is how he or she builds the organization and future leaders into a lasting success well beyond their own tenure. The successor is not always named, but there is a succession plan for selecting, recruiting, appointing or electing the next leader. Available for download: click here  

“A Way to Increase Donor Confidence”
Author: Fricke & Associates, P.C.
The purpose of the 10-point “Donor Bill of Rights” is to generate confidence among donors and to provide guidance to board members and your staff.
Available for download: click here

“Fill in the Blanks”
Author: Mike Syslo
Over the years, there has developed a misunderstanding of the formal structure of the Society in the United States.  The purpose of this document is to clarify what the structure is and what the naming conventions should be.
Available for download: click here

“Role of Paid Staff in the Society”
Author: Mike Syslo
Any time spent reading and reflecting on the Rule of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul and most all of the other materials published by the Society will reveal the fact that the Society is essentially about the member and the Conference.  Some material is provided about Councils and even less about stores and special works. Very little is written about the role of paid staff – a role that is of significant importance in the life of the Society.
Available for download:click here

“Five Tips for Dynamic Strategic Planning”

Author: Fricke & Associates, P.C.
Is your not-for-profit the same organization it was three years ago? Are your stakeholders the same now as then? Is your community and its support of your not-for-profit the same? Here are five tips to help ignite the strategic planning process.
Available for download:
click here

“A Checklist of Duties with Tax and Governance Implications”
Author: Fricke & Associates, P.C.
Documentation and accountability are always important in business, but even more so for a not-for-profit agency. It’s crucial to have tools that allow you to stay on top of the details. Here is a chart which will help you stay organized.
Available for download: click here